Segway tours
The use of Segways for personal travel is a particularly effective means of saving time, without stress or strenuous exercise to make your appointments, or just commuting to your workplace- You are avoiding traffic jams or other serious traffic (and parking problems) – and have fun riding it.

The way to create something special or to create memorable moments is to organise your own Segway parties, whether for private purposes or in a business or organisation environment. We will be happy to advise you on how to use Segways in such a case and to ensure the success of your event. The best way to start in this is to contact us.

Segways glide effortlessly and silently on all roads. Speeding up, braking and steering around obstacles is intuitive. Our tours are chosen so that you can enjoy the city. After a thorough briefing you will experience the excitement of riding on a Segway. At the same time you will learn background information and also some interesting anecdotes about Geneva’s well-known and some less well-known sites.

Many other possibilities exist for using Segways, either as part of security activities, leisure, travel within large areas of activity or practice golf. For more information on SEGWAYS, visit Feel free to contact us for further information on tours, events and rental.

Weight and measurements
Weight 105 lb / 47.7 kg
Length 2.1 ft / 0.65 m
Width 2.0 ft / 0.63 m
Type 2 Lithium-Ion batteries
Weight 22.7 lb / 10.3 kg
Capacity 5.8 Ah / 73.6 V
Fuel efficiency
Fuel type Electricity
Charge time about 8 h
Driving range about 24 mi / 38 km
Maximum speed 12.5 mi/h / 20 km/h
Maximum payload 260 lb / 117 kg