PRICES for Usage of SEGWAYS CHF/person (VAT included)

Geneva City Tours – guided tours (*)
 Old Town tour (appr. 1h15)         99.00 
 UN & Parks tour (appr. 2h30)      129.00
 Geneva All-in-One (appr. 3h30)    199.00
Montreux Riviera (appr. 50 min)     49.00
 Château Chillon (approx. 2h30)    149.00

Private tour, extra charge        50.00

Segway “events” Depending on type of service
Please note that larger groups require MORE supervision/guides
and are thus quoted higher

C - Rental rates (**) 
 1st hour            50.00
 2nd hour            35.00
 Half-day (4 h)     120.00
 Full day/Overnight 180.00
 Week-end           350.00
 5 days             500.00
 Week               700.00
 Month            1’800.00
D - Fees for the delivery of the Segways.(***)
Less than 500m             10.00
Less than 5km              20.00
Less than 10km             30.00
Less than 20km             40.00
Less than 100km            50.00

CHF +10.00 for every 20 extra kilometres

(*) Includes training and required SEGWAY safety instructions (20-30 min)
(**) Training certificate required for rental (50.00). It will give you a discount on first rental/tour. Deposit of CHF 1’000 per Segway and valid ID.
(***) Price is indicated per Segway. Click on the distance that interests you to have a look of the range.
IMPORTANT: Segway’s are considered a light scooter according to Swiss laws. They can be used on streets and cycle lanes. It’s use on sidewalks is not allowed.