You are staying in Geneva only for a few days or only one ? And you want to see as much as possible of Geneva ? So the Geneva All-in-One is made for you. In only one day you will see all what there is to see in Geneva : the Old Town, the Cathedral, the Lake of Geneva, the United Nations and more ! This tour will lead you both to the historical part of the City of Geneva and the newer part of it, which includes the United Nations, the other International Organisations and the Parks along the Lake.


The tour lasts approximatively 3 to 3.5 hours, including the initiation at our center. The cost is 199.- CHF per person. Tours can be organised every day departing from our terrace (Administration floor) at Les Cygnes Shopping Centre, next to the Railway Station. Departure times is daily 10AM and 2PM, but you should reserve in advance.