In large or small groups, come and take part at one of our treasure hunts around Geneva and the Riviera.

A treasure hunt is a cost effective way of entertaining large groups. Due to their flexible nature hunts are ideal for both team building and hospitality based objectives. The hunt will be performed on Segways or on foot with searches in beautiful spots. The Segway is a very practical and fun mean of transport to move around.

During their challenge participants will be required to take photographs, gather clues and find missing words from famous places of Geneva ! Along the way guests will bump into some of our characters who will have extra tasks for them to complete in order to get more points. The ultimate aim of this format is to have fun and engaging afternoon or evening around your chosen location.

This is truly a memorable event and can either be aimed at a friends excursion or a team building day.

For further information and to get a quote, please us by phone or by email :
Telephone : +41 22 510 3456
Email : segways@citywheels.ch